Master of Music in Musicology (M.M.)

Teacher presenting in front of a class Teacher presenting in front of a class

Students seeking the M.M. in Musicology at the Frost School of Music enjoy a balanced curriculum of study in music literature and analysis, critical theory, and research methods, along with opportunities to develop skills in music performance, composition, and pedagogy.    

Our stellar faculty and extensive library resources help students fulfill their current musical and academic goals while preparing for doctoral study. Musicology majors interact and collaborate with others in a variety of musical disciplines, gaining insight into the role their own specialization plays in a thriving musical environment.

Curriculum Requirements

Major Area

  • MCY 628 - Music Bibliography (3 credits)
  • MCY XXX - Musicology Courses (12 credits)
  • MCY 810 - Master's Thesis (6 credits) 

Other Studies in Music (Complete both options below) 6 credits

  • Non-MCY Music Elective
  • MTC Elective

Electives 3 credits

  • Non-MCY Elective (in or beyond music)


  • Total Credit Hours 30

Language Proficiency

Musicology students must demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English, normally German, French, or Spanish. Proficiency examinations will be administered by the Department of Modern Languages and will consist of 1-2 passages from representative scholarly readings. Alternatively, enrolling in ITA 625, FRE 625, or an equivalent course at the graduate level may fulfill the requirement. This requirement should be completed by the beginning of the second year to facilitate research on the master’s thesis.